June 6th - June 9th, 2018

  Cemetery Rd & Township Line Rd    Limerick,Pa.

Information for Sponsorship

    Your business' name is listed in our "Fair Web Site Directory of Sponsors!   

   Bronze Sponsor            $100

   Business info posted on Digital Display Screen


   Silver Sponsor              $200

   Business info on banner located on Midway or Entrance to Fair (18" x 24")


   Gold Sponsor               $300

   Business info on banner located at a small ride on Midway at Fair (18" x 24")


   Diamond Sponsor        $500

   Business info on banner located at a large ride/attraction on Midway at Fair (24" x 36")


   Platinum Sponsor     $1,000

   Business info on a banner located at major attraction in high traffic area (i.e band platform, fireworks area, large tent) (32" x 48") Free booth setup on Midway Ad in newspaper and on website

Banners/signs will be supplied by the Rotary. Business info to be supplied by Sponsor. All sponsors will be noted on the Rotary and Fair websites.

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