June 6th - June 9th, 2018

  Cemetery Rd & Township Line Rd, Limerick,Pa.

2018 Vendor/Exhibitor Information

    The Perkiomen Valley Community Fair does allow certain commercial exhibitors and vendors to rent space at its event. Spaces are given out by a first come first serve basis. Fees are set by the fair and are based on space size, electrical/water needs, and location on the midway. Interested exhibitors/vendors must first make an Application to the Fair to be placed on the Waiting List for available spaces. The Average Cost of a 10' x 10' Rental Space is $ 300 per Week

      Exhibitors from the previous year’s Fair always have the first right of refusal to re-book their space for this year's event. Those exhibitors will be confirmed by May 1. If there are any cancellations, or if new spaces become available, the Fair will then contact exhibitors/vendors on the Waiting List who meet the requirements and specifications.

    All Vendors and Exhibitors must furnish the Fair with a Certificate of Insurance stating that they have a General Liability Policy of $1,000,000.00. Food Vendors must Furnish a Temporary Food Handler's  License  from the Montgomery County Health Department.

 NOTE:   The Fair does operate its own food concessions as part of its fundraising effort. Therefore, other commercial food vendor spaces are very limited and are only contracted on an as-needed basis.                               

     Once approved, send a signed fair contract to us along with your payment. A space will  be assigned to you after we receive the contract and payment by the deadline noted on the contract.      

Vendor/Exhibitor Application     

Commercial Exhibitors/Vendors Manager:   Barry  Aiken    

 Email :