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Perkiomen Valley Community Fair

June 6 - 10, 2023

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What happens if it rains?

The Amusement Company must also adhere to safety guidelines and therefore reserves the right to shut down any amusement ride in order to protect our visitors. Visitors should use common sense when planning a trip to the fair. Check the weather before coming to the fairgrounds. Sometimes if it's just a passing shower, the rides will reopen. However, if heavy rain or storms are forecasted, it would not be wise to purchase ride bands or tickets that evening since Ride wristbands and tickets cannot be refunded.

I lost my wristband, can I get a replacement?

No. Visitors are responsible for their wristbands after purchasing them. The Fair or the Amusement Company cannot exchange, refund or replace wristbands.

Is there an admission charge to enter the fairgrounds? for any particular area?

The Perkiomen Valley Community Fair is a "free admission fair . That means that all of the entertainment shows, nightly contests are free to all visitors. There are charges for ride wristbands and tickets, games and concessions, and food.

Is there a fee for parking?

Parking Fee is a $5.00 Donation per Vehicle.

What is parking availability like?

Parking is mostly on stone parking lots surrounding the fair. The fair is able to park all visitors on the Central Perkiomen Rotary Complex property. All vehicle traffic must enter from the two entrances on Cemetery Rd..  Handicap parking is available at our two main parking lots.

Is there an age limit on any of the rides?

There is no age limit on any area of the fair except, on certain rides that post a size limitation.

What are the fair hours?

Our midway (rides, entertainment, games, food concessions) opens at 6:00 pm Tuesday through Saturday, weather permitting. We are officially open until 10:00 pm, but some places on the midway may close earlier or later depending on attendance and weather.

Are the fairgrounds wheelchair accessible?

The midway of the fair is on grass.  Handicap parking is available at our two main Parking Lots.

Who gets the money the fair takes in?

After we pay our expenses, we take a set portion of the proceeds to set aside for start up for next year's Fair. The remaining profits go into the Central Perkiomen Rotary Club General Fund, which is used to pay down the Mortgage on our New Baseball Field, Rotary Shelter Box Program, Student Exchange Program, Halloween Parade, other Charitable Items.

How do I become an exhibitor? vendor? contestant? sponsor? volunteer?

See our "Participants Entrance" section for more details.

Are there public restrooms?

No, We provide Port a Potties

Is there First Aid?

Yes, First Aid is provided by Lower Frederick Regional Ambulance

Is there a dress code?

Visitors are expected to dress comfortably but decently. Anyone deemed by our Fair Board or local township police to be dressed in a way that poses a safety or health risk, or offends the public, may be escorted off the grounds by Township police. Good footwear is a must.

Are alcoholic beverages permitted?

No. Anyone found in possession of alcohol on the fairgrounds will be reported to the local township police.

Are pets allowed?

No. The fairgrounds can become very crowded with much foot traffic. Bringing any pets to the fairgrounds under these conditions poses a safety risk to both animals and people. Please leave your pets at home where they can be safe and happy.

I have a complaint, who do I talk to?

Our Fair Office handles any complaints. The Office is located at the Girls Softball Fields Snack Stand.

I had a great time, and/or someone really went out of their way to make my experience enjoyable, how can I acknowledge them?

Since we are all volunteers, we love to get positive feedback. Just stop by our Fair Office and share your enjoyable experience with us.

I have a great idea for an event, entertainment, a way to improve something at the fair, who do I contact?

All suggestions and feedback can be submitted at our Fair office.